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  • Hiring the Best Tree Removal Service for Your Needs

    Hiring the Best Tree Removal Service for Your Needs A tree removal company is one that provides services which are related to tree trimming, tree removal, stump removal, tree pruning and tree thinning. These types of services are not only available for residential properties, but also commercial facilities. These companies are home to skilled men […]

  • Looking For The Best Tree Care Service

    Looking for the Best Tree Care Service Trees require a lot of care throughout the year, but it’s important that they are taken care of in the fall months before winter hits. When ice and snow fall, that is when trees are at their most vulnerable, and can break if they are over laden with […]

  • Tree Stress & Disease

    Tree Stress

    Trees are natural resources providing us fresh air. They are useful in ways more than one. Sadly, not all of them are able to provide the function they intend to, especially because of being unhealthy due to tree stress. Like humans, trees have the tendency to be stressed and are prone to various health problems. […]

  • Stump Grinding

    Stump Grinding

    There are different reasons why people takeout trees and therefore need stump grinding.  For some, it could be a landscaping requirement, for safety purposes especially if trees are hanging precariously near electric lines or if the trees are dead. It is always good to call in a professional tree removal company to allow them use […]

  • Tree Pruning & Vital Stages

    Tree Pruning

    If you want to damage and finally kill your valuable tree, try pruning it improperly. Tree pruning is the single best ‘investment’ property owner or community can conduct to ensure survival of the tree. It is imperative, therefore, that pruning of valuable trees be done proficiently while following needful, proper procedures. Learn how to handle […]

  • Why is O’Briens Tree Service the best company in the area?

    Tree Services

    O’Briens Tree Service is a tree removal company and we have managed to become very popular in this field of activity. Since there are many people who need a professional tree removal service, we have decided to present a few facts that will allow people to see the importance of a tree care service. If you […]

  • Tips for growing a vegetable garden

    You love the idea of growing a garden full of vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs, but aren’t excited about pulling weeds, applying chemical pesticides, back-breaking digging, plants that don’t grow well, or toiling away under the merciless summer sun. Well here are my Top 5 Gardening Tips that are guaranteed to ease the pains and […]

  • Yardwork you can do NOW

    Has spring actually sprung? We think so!  If you’ve got the itch to get out and start making your yard look great, here are a few tips from HGTV. Repairing a Dry Stacked-Stone Wall “I love the natural look of stones that are stacked dry, meaning that they’re not actually mortared in place” Paul says. […]

  • Storm Damaged Trees in Chester County

    Well, it looks like spring is almost here, however, we are still cleaning up from the horrendous storms that have rocked our region this winter.  There are so many storm damaged trees in Chester County that are still draped across yards across our region leaving home owners to wonder what to do with the mess. […]

  • How to Handle Storm Damaged Trees

    The northeast has been hit with some of the most damaging storms our region has ever seen this winter.  Trees that tell a story of hundred of years have fallen apart like toothpicks and reeked havoc on our area.  It’s no surprise that most people weren’t expecting this and aren’t sure how to handle these […]

  • O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

    Here at O’Brien’s Tree Service we love this time of year when loved ones can relax around the wonderful smelling Christmas tree and enjoy the season! Here are a few great pictures we found that we thought you would enjoy…

  • White House Christmas Tree From a PA Farmer

                                    Did you know that the White House Christmas tree arrived from Pennsylvania three days ago?? Yes, one of our very own trees is representing our nation in the white house!  This 18.5-foot Douglas Fir was donated by a Pennsylvania farmer.  […]


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